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Star Charge signed a contract with VinBus to electrify Vietnam’s bus system


Star Charge signed a contract with VinBus to cooperate in the establishment of the first electric bus service system in Vietnam. According to the agreement, Star Charge will provide advanced smart charging technology for VinBus.


Their initial efforts will focus on operating in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and Phu Quoc, where VinBus will launch a fleet of 150-200 electric buses. Star Charge will provide charging support, covering everything from “load management, power consumption data analysis via smart grid energy management system combining with Star Charge’s energy storage system to handle peak charging challenges at ease”.


The planned electric buses have a battery capacity up to 281 kWh, which can be fully charged after 2 hours to give an operating range of 220-260 km. Not only will the buses benefit from intelligent charging management software from Star Charge, but also boast their own intelligent features, particularly in the safety area, such as sensors to help detect distracted driving, drowsiness, or signs of fatigues. Next to the driver features, there is  also a host of comfort and safety options for passengers.

VinBus also satisfied with their choice of partner, as their requirements were quite strict: “To fulfil the requirement of our bus, which is capable of travelling 220-260 km, VinBus is looking for a scalable and easy to install charging station. We also want to be ensured the highest levels of safety and reliability, and Star Charge happens to have additional advantages with proven technologies trusted by infrastructure operators around the world,” said Thanh Nguyen, the deputy CEO of VinBus during an interview.

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Star Charge signed a contract with VinBus to electrify Vietnam’s bus system星星充电
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